Case Studies

The training ship SV DEUTSCHLAND


Today, the sail training ship Deutschland is the only remaining fully rigged sailing ship representing the maritime history of Germany. Between 1927 and 1939 the training ship Deutschland completed numerous long distance voyages including 17 open ocean training passages. The Deutschland can be found in its home port of Bremen Vegesack where it is open to visitors and is available for charter and special occasion functions. Given the high volume of visitors and the 70 year age of this tall ship there has been noticeable wear and stress on the Oregon pine deck and other teak wood components. In order to provide a durable and protective covering that would stand up to the effects of wear and tear from the visitors and the marine environment, it was decided by the ships managing director, Mr. W. Dominik, and the ships master, Mr. I. Mueller-Felmett, to refurbish the vessel with COELAN Boat Coating. This was accomplished in 1999 and at the same time the many brass fittings were thoroughly polished and also coated with COELAN Boat Coating to prevent the tarnishing of those metal parts. Since that time the training ship continues to be the center of attraction not only because of its significant maritime history but also due the visually pleasing effect of the COELAN application. This very special ship continues to draw large crowds and the SV Deutschland remains a must see for all of those who are friends of tall ships.



The current SV Eendracht was launched as a three masted schooner in 1989 with the expressed purpose of making long distance ocean sailing adventures available for everyone; in particular the young. This is the second training vessel named Eendracht as the original was launched in 1974 in a two masted configuration. The original ship had sailed in excess of 260,000 nautical miles over a 15 year
period at the time of her replacement. The SV: Eendracht sails under the patronage of The Dutch Tall Ship Sailing Foundation. Since 2003 with its home port in Rotterdam the 510 ton, 59 meter long, three masted Eendracht is an impressive and powerful site when under full sail. On board there are accommodations for 56 people with a qualified full time crew of 13. The Eendracht is available for private charter as well as being a sailing school training ship. Every year more than 1000 passengers experience the excitement of open ocean sailing on board Eendracht. Due to these high passenger traffic loads and the long term effects of the weather and ocean environment, it was evident that a refurbishment and application of a durable surface protection was needed. A decision was made in 1996 to apply COELAN Boat Coating on all appropriate surfaces. By doing so the Eendracht not only presents a renewed and seaworthy appearance but achieves durable protection from the day to day consequences of working the ship and long term effects of the weather.

Users Comments

“We have used Coelan in small amounts to see how it would stand up to UK frost and the result has been very good: it’s now on its second winter and still good, whereas had it been varnish, we would have had to redo it by now. Having spent quite a lot of time on the boat of a friend in the Med who has used it, I can indeed confirm that its resistance to UV is excellent. We have done a couple of hatch covers and grab rails, whereas Colin has done masts and hand rails. Regarding decks, they also do non-slip granules to add to the coating. Remember that Coelan is not a varnish and that it’s also expensive, but if applied to the correct standard (minimum seven coats correctly applied), with the correct thinners, it should last against UV degradation for around 10 years”. h00 (Classic Boat Forum).

“Coelan is the canine testicles of deck coatings, without a doubt.  I’ve not had a deck leak for 11 years now, and the boat’s still on her mooring, still sailed at the weekends, now (Christmas) with the teak brightwork all gleaming and the cabin DRY! In the years P (Pre-Coelan) it was like sailing in a shower, and she would have been under a cover by November.  Horribly expensive, but you must follow the instructions precisely, or disaster may ensue. But worth it? You bet! “ Mirelle (Classsic Boat Forum)

“Colean a transparent German polyurethane coating, which allows the decks to breathe, expanding and contracting with the wood as it moves, unlike everything we had tried which cracked over time. This seemed the answer to our prayers – read more by Susan Smillie.