Why Colean

“From my own experience my bowsprit was coated 7 years ago and has had no recoating or maintenance whatsoever. I have spoken to people who applied this product ten years ago and they still have a wonderful finish. It is NOT affected by ultraviolet light, the enemy of all varnishes. Its finish isn’t like normal varnish and has a finish which is more like glass.” – John from Traditional Boat Supplies UK

Deck and wood refurbishment

A well maintained teak deck is always noticed on board a sailboat or motor yacht. However, due to effects of the environment and pollutants in the atmosphere, deck surfaces and other exposed wood becomes dirty and unattractive.This can be prevented by a timely application of COELAN Boat Coating to cover all exposed wood surfaces. Any solid wood, plywood or composite wood construction can be protected. High quality COELAN Boat Coating can be applied to boat decks, spars, hatch covers, railings and many other above the waterline surfaces. Simply sand the working surface with #80 grade sandpaper, vacuum thoroughly and apply a coat of the appropriate COELAN Boat Primer. This is followed by several layers of our polyurethane based liquid polymer coating until a minimum finished coating thickness of 1 mm. / 0.04 in. is achieved.The restored deck or wood surfaces will not only look new but be protected from the elements for many years with little if any touch up required. Upon the laying of new teak decks, an immediate application of COELAN Boat Coating is always highly recommended.

Essential characteristics of Coelan boat coating:

  • absolutely UV-resistant and light-stable
  • highly elastic – yet extremely hard-wearing
  • long service life
  • crack bridging – due to its high elasticity
  • permeable – lets wood survive
  • easy to apply because ready for use
  • for wood, steel, aluminium and polyester substrates
  • for inflatable dinghies, fenders, boat cushions, etc.
  • unlimited possible applications in and on the boat
  • absolutely non-slip coating easily achieved
  • fabrication of coloured material by using our special Colour Paste to colour the transparent coating